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When you join CDA, you join a global community of active professionals – community service is a condition of membership. The only ‘cost’ for one full year of membership is a minimum donation of eight hours of your time towards the improvement of your local communication design community. There are three steps to joining:

Step 1: Review membership requirements 
Step 2: Send membership application email 
Step 3: Join Facebook and/or Linkedin Group

Step 1: Review membership requirements

A. Education
Three years (minimum) of post-secondary education: graduate of a communication design program from a recognized college or university

B. Professional Practice
Three years (minimum)* of full-time professional practice as a communication designer, with an online portfolio that demonstrates a high level of written, two-dimensional design and typographic skills  
*Applicants with less than three years of professional practice (students, junior designers) may join as CDA Provisional Members. Complete Step 2 (except 8, 9) with the words “PROVISIONAL MEMBER” and the NAME OF YOUR COUNTRY in the subject area. You must re-apply for full membership when you complete three years of professional practice.

C. References
Three referrals from senior communication designers that can attest your work and professional integrity are of a high standard

D. Community Service*
You agree to donate a minimum of eight hours of ‘community service’ per year towards the improvement of your local communication design community
*Community service includes volunteer work for any non-profit association that is furthering our design discipline, and helping fellow designers through mentorship, portfolio reviews, etc. Based on an honor system; although hours are not monitored, voluntary activity within the community is required to ensure membership renewal.

Step 2: Send membership application email

If you meet/agree with ALL of the above requirements, send an email to info[at]communicationdesigners[dot]org with the word “MEMBER” and the NAME OF YOUR COUNTRY in the subject area.

Please include the following information in the body of your email:

1. First and last name
2. City and country
3. Title/organization
4. Personal email address
5. Telephone number
6. Name of school attended and program completed
7. Number of years of professional practice
8. Three references (full names and email addresses)
9. Personal website link to your online portfolio
(Online link only – please do not send digital portfolio files. Your link may be listed in CDA’s public Communication Designer Directory.)

ALL of the information requested above must be completed in order for your application to be processed.

Step 3: Join Facebook and/or Linkedin Group

CDA facilitates all member communications via our private Facebook and Linkedin groups. Send a request to join one or both of these groups following your membership application email in Step 2. Only successful applicants will be notified by their acceptance into the Facebook and/or Linkedin groups.

REQUEST to join CDA Facebook Group

REQUEST to join CDA Linkedin Group

If you do not qualify for an official CDA membership (i.e. you are in a related profession) and wish to engage with CDA, you are welcome to follow our Facebook page, open Linkedin group or follow us on Twitter.

Privacy: Member contact information is used for CDA communications only. We do not sell or distribute contact information to third parties for any purpose. CDA respects the privacy of all members and has a zero-tolerance policy for any type of aggressive member marketing.