Communication Designers Association (CDA) is a global organization dedicated to advancing Communication Design and Design Community Service.

Founded in 2007, CDA was the first professional design association to accept volunteer hours in lieu of membership fees. The only ‘cost’ for an annual Membership is eight hours of Design Community Service.

Professional philanthropy? Yes. Service may include: mentoring a student, helping a fellow designer find employment or simply sharing an educational post on our social media group.

CDA facilitates Membership (and all Member communications) via our official LinkedIn Group. By joining this CDA Group, you agree to the following:

1. You practice as a Professional Communication Designer or you are currently a Communication Design Student.

2. You participate by donating a minimum of eight hours per year of Design Community Service (based on an honor system as hours/activity are not monitored.)

3. You observe the model and definition of Professional Communication Design(er) at: